(Ok, I'm not really a witch, but I probably would have been burned at the stake in 17th century Salem.
I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

New Life!

So I am going to try to re-boot this blog. 
I know...blogs are so not in these days. But I still follow them and I'd like to try to get in on it again.
The past 9 and a half years (since I last posted) have been insane: 
my youngest decided to trans to male, I got divorced, 
I re-hooked up with my first love and now we are married, 
and I have a gorgeous cat.

And then Covid hit. And instead of hunkering down into thrilling quilting, 
I turned away. 
I hit hard depression and refused to do any quilting. 

But I'd like to return to using this blog to document my journey.

Someone in my comments said (something like): "I miss you. You have interesting things to say."

I am going to take that as a: 
"Yes, And..." 
The Ultra invitation for a theater-artist. 
And for all people, In my opinion. 
Yes, and....

So I am going to "Yes, And...." this blog. 
And I invite my fellow Witchy Sisters 
(you know who you are) 
to contribute. 
Megan (the Original Stitchy Witchy Sister, 
Miriam, Kate, Margie, 
Mandy (although you out-do me in every quilting way) and Kristi, etc

Here is a palate of fabrics I plan on doing something with:

I Have hexies on the mind. And I have color palettes on the mind.

What has the Pandemic done to your art?

Missing all of you.