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I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Long Time.....

No see...

And yet, I've seen so much!!  I'm gonna try to get back to this blogging thang.   It's tough for this Cancerian folk!  Here goes. 

Just a few great shots from the last year...
First Potato Harvest.
 Rain delay at T.Swift Concert.

 Best Prop Ever for Summerstage.
"Ring of Eternal Stones/Thunderhead of Breath/Magic Pool of Sacredness/Jason"
 What happens when you f*** with Fire.
Even if you are 14 years old.
 Harvest 1.
 Son plus fire: can't believe it...
 Daughter = beautiful
 Surprise Clam Bake!
 Make Out with the Lobster - of course!
 The SECOND batch of baby robins!
 Every grandchild!
It's been a good year, all told.
But.   Truth be Told:
I've been away so long because it has actually been a 
Very Hard Year.  
I've lost a very dear friend, more than a friend, 
my dearest Ceal.
She fought cancer for 10+ years, and Lived every moment above it.
She held my father in the healing light while he (and she!) was sick.
She sent me birthday cards made from recycled images.
She knew the names of my cats.
She did a thrillion things more than that during the 20+ years I knew her
but one can only admire so much at a time.
I miss her so.
But:  This is the Wonderfully Ironic thing about Ceal and my Work:
She loved my quilting,
and yet,
had Fear of Craft.
 I made this not long after Ceal died.
It generated a lot of strength, gave me, and I hope others
the will to shine on, even without her.
This is a commission.  A Compass Rose.  It shows the Way.
I hope we can all look for the Way.
It is elusive. But worth it.

Sorry to be away so long.  
Please join me on our next adventure!