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Monday, May 16, 2011

mother's day splurge

I've been really good about not buying too much fabric lately, really....
I've even been keeping a yardage tally, 
which I've been meaning to post about, really...
I think I was at negative 11.5 yards or something, even!
That is, until Mother's Day coupons from 
appeared in my inbox.
 But I am weak. So very weak.
But oh! so happy!
Lookie! Lookie!
(left) a fat quarter stack of Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush
(right) half-yard stack of Mod Sugar Pop
Sugar Pop! There's something about those bright colors, Baskin-Robbins-style, almost!
 And I've been a huge fan of Innocent Crush since, well, forever.
 Yummy Sugar Pop!
 And totally enticing Innocent Crush.  I love that "shattered" design.
And rarely do I buy quilt patterns, but this found it's way into my cart.
Maybe it was the Sherbet Pips in the picture.  
Maybe it was the thought of this pattern with either I.C. or M.S.P.
Or Maybe it was just me being a kid in a candy store...
Oh well.  Whatever....Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

Oh, and check out these crazy creatures...
 Etta.  3 weeks old.  Still chick-ish...
Etta and Trixie.  4 weeks old.
Look at the difference a week makes! 
Check out the feathers on their heads, completely changes their look!
Such homely teenagers.  
But I love them so...

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