(Ok, I'm not really a witch, but I probably would have been burned at the stake in 17th century Salem.
I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catch up

I know, I know.  Too long.  
It's not for lack of stuff.
There's been tons of finishes.
Babies born.
Auctions donated to.
Commissions completed.
More auctions donated to.
And generally some joyful work done.
But,  needless to say, Very. Little. Blogging.
I accept that I'm not good at this bloggy thing.
But lately, I've just given up, and that ain't right.
So I'm gonna keep trying.
Hopefully you'll stick with me and cheer me on!
Now I have to get back to work - 
Nora's Wedding Decor and Quilt!