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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

unbottled rainbows...Finish

So, there have been plenty of finishes 'round here.
This one is perhaps the most massive.
Y'all remember Rachel's Bottled Rainbows?
(oof, it hurt my pride a little to have to go all the way back to FEBRUARY to find that link,
but I have to remember that is was a pretty massive QAL.  Besides, it's been finished now, for
a whole month...  :-/  )
 The pictures hardly do it justice (do they ever?).
I wanted to back it with something neutral, something to anchor all the bits and colors,
yet something that still had some of the playfulness of the top.
I fell in love with those circles by Robert Kaufman,
and for the first time in a loooong time, I made a back out of one fabric.
It was so great to get the back done so fast, because the top took sooooo long.
And it went 'specially fast, because, as you might remember, this is a 
Quilt as You Go project, so once I put together the back, I was just about done!
When I had finally finished all the blocks
I loved each one so much, I didn't think I wanted them all crowded next to each other
so I decided to torture myself even more, and retroactively add the sashing.
It had to have the batting basted onto it, to match the blocks, 
so off I went.
 I had to cut the Kona Bone sashing pieces, 
spray baste them onto the same size cut batting
and just start sewing them onto the blocks.
Mr. Spray Basting is My Friend.
(Well, not really, cuz you'll notice it says "Danger" and "Toxic" and all that
but I'm REALLY good about opening up all the studio's big windows
and running fans and stuff. I really don't know what I'd do without it.)
I pressed all the seams open.
That way, the only quilting I needed to do once I got the back on
was along each side of all the sashing seams.
This secured it nicely to the back, and kept all the fat seams under control.
 (I think it even looked cute "from behind".)

So that's my "adventure" with Bottled Rainbows!
Someone left a comment on one of my earlier posts that said
"each block is an adventure".  I love that.  It's so true.
I really enjoyed working on this piece.  It currently graces our bed.
But it seems someone really likes it...
Thanks, again, Rachel, for the inspiration!

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