(Ok, I'm not really a witch, but I probably would have been burned at the stake in 17th century Salem.
I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've been working on these hexies off and on at work.  
When I have a few minutes between scenes, 
it's great "listening busy-work".
Something I can do and keep listening to the play so I stay in it.
I've been gathering them up, doing them and doing them.
They are addictive, as we've heard from so many
here, here and here.

Finally, they started asking me what I was planning on doing with them.

This is one answer I gave those cheeky monkeys.

But there are still so many, I think I'll have to give that pillow
a little duvet cover brother or sister...
What fun things are you doing with your hexies?


  1. I am helping my students practice measuring angles.
    I love hexagons!!!!
    Because I love anything that has a six in it!

  2. Hi - I'm a new follower after reading your comment on the (by now infamous) Stitched In Color post. I really like your hexies, new wave quilt, and BR blocks...looking forward to reading more.