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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

People's Light Auction Quilt

Here we go!
People's Light and Theatre's annual auction is coming up!
Which means my donation of a hand-crafted quilt is underway!
I picked up this bag of remnants from the costume shop.
They are from this fall's production of Legacy of Light by Karen Zacharias.
I was in this production and it was one of the most satisfying experiences 
I've ever had on stage.
So the idea of making an auction quilt from the fabric remnants thrilled me.
Even if working with silks and sheers and non-cotton fabrics is super challenging.
But I've learned a trick:
Sheer weight fusible interfacing!
I bought 10 yards of it ($1.99/yd and then 50% off at JoAnn's!)
and just stabilized big chunks (about a fat quarter or so) 
of all the pieces I wanted to use.
So much less fraying! So much easier to measure and cut,
needless to say, to sew!
So I'm making up a bunch of simple, improvised log cabin squares.
Trying to keep it simple, to let the elegance of the fabric do the talking.
Sweet, yes? And I think the simple elegance has a casual, easy-going feel, too.
I have 16 9" blocks so far.  I wanna make 24, maybe.
The finished quilt will end up measuring approx. 42" x 64".
And I think I want to do something easy and, well, more comfy
for the backing.  I was thinking a nice silver-gray linen
or polished cotton.  I think it'll go more with the modern elegance of the blocks, 
and make it more usable.
I always think it is such a shame to only use a quilt as a wall hanging, don't you?
So, stay tuned for the finished product...

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  1. What you are doing here is beautiful.

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to email me privately. I'm unable to get Outlook configured on this new computer, and I wanted to let the Philly Moderns know that Bonnie Hunter is giving a workshop in Glenside at the end of April. If you'll email me, I'll give you the details.