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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New fabric, HST's and Process


First, my new favorite fabric store!  I know, every week it seems I have a new one, but this is for Real (this time).  Alewives.  In Maine, but boy, do they deliver.  And for those of you who really know me, the shop name alone makes it special.
I mean, look at these veggies!  Peas and Pods!  I love them so.  And where else would you find onion fabric?
and look at those eggplants!  And I don't even like eggplant.  But I love these.
 Some stripes and geos for binding.  And there was even more...  And the service was so quick and lovely.

I'm still deep into the Triangle Madness inspired by Liz.  I'm even leading my daughter's Brownie troop in making quilts for Project Linus.  Each girl got 12 HST's and made their own design with them.  This is my mock up.  I can't wait to show you what those girls came up with.  Every single one is different!  Thanks Liz, for turning me onto Half Square Triangles!
I just had to take a shot of this pretty pile of Brownie trimmings (hmmm...that doesn't sound so good...)

Finally, I snapped some shots of my process in quilting a grid on my boyish blocks quilt.  I was rather proud of myself for just figuring out how to make nice straight lines with the crazy tools I happened to have lying around.  Like a few 1x2's I'm still waiting to finish the studio windows with, and some painter's tape (my new favorite can't-buy-in-a-quilting-store tool).

The lengths of wood sure are long and straight...   and it's a cinch to measure from one seam to the wood.

 It doesn't get much easier to sew a straight line than this.  Then just pull up the tape and you have a pretty terrific grid.   Now I just buy rolls of tape from Home Depot.  Cheaper than fabric markers and more precise and easier than chalk pencils.

What's your favorite can't-find-in-a-quilting-store tool?

P. S.  10 more days til Christmas.....  ooohhhh!


  1. Every time I go home to Maine and visit or even drive by Alewives I think of you. And I often fantasized about going in and shopping with you. Finally you made it there.

    It really is a gem.

    happy holidays ale.

  2. I love your favorite can't find in a quilting store tool. Mine is a stack of post-it notes. I use them as my 1/4 foot guide. Your HST's look great. I also like the boyish block quilt that you are making - very fun!