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Monday, November 1, 2010

Blogger's Quilt Fest!

summer surf
 I made this quilt this summer.

I also played with my daughter.  On Cape Cod. My home turf. She helped me take the pictures.

 There is only one rule on the Cape beaches:
Ok, ok.  Since your sign is so intimidating...

This quilt is made from Elizabeth Fransson's "New Wave" pattern.  
I call it "summer surf".
But the best part of it is that it has already brought so many folks so much joy.  

It is residing at our house on the Cape, which we rent during the summer, in order to make ends meet.
(there are a lot of ends)
Several guests have commented on it. In a good way.

I like it because I picked the fabrics straight out of my stash, 
without knowing what the *beep* I was doing,
and it wasn't until I was sewing the binding on, (sitting at the Lake,
while I had some rare down-time) that I thought:  
this quilt makes me think of summer, Cape colors, waves, and ocean sunsets.

I love this quilt for more than just its quiltiness.  
I love the pictures it has given me.
The time with my daughter it has given me.
The new appreciation for orange it has given me.
The ability to love something from afar.
I love more than just the quilt.
I love....


  1. this quilt is wonderful - absolutely loved how you used the fabrics.... and your photos of the dunes makes me want to head to the beach! thank you for sharing this great quilt.

  2. Beautiful...I so feel the love : ) You are amazing!!

  3. Dà proprio l'idea del mare!
    Bellissimi i colori!
    Ciao Domenica

  4. I love quilts made from stashes and I think this is great. I also made a New Wave quilt - I think it is a great way to show the fabric off.

  5. i love the colours you have chosen and that first photo is fabulous, so effective.

  6. I think it is gorgeous!
    Like you!

  7. I've always liked this pattern and you did a great job with it! Nice colors choices, too:)

  8. What a beautiful quilt , I am going to look after the pattern. And the orange is lovely!!!

    Greetings from france

  9. Wonderful quilt! Lovely idea to take photos on the beach with waves! I'm wondering how to sew 'waves'...
    Best wishes from Crete!

  10. Makes me smile you have such wonderful memories from this quilt. It's simply lovely!

  11. I love the wave pattern. Pretty quilt!

  12. Summer surf is quite striking, especially seeing as you didn't know what the *bleep* you were doing. Maybe it was that peck of dirt...

  13. Summer Surf is gorgeous. I love the pattern and the fabrics you used.

  14. this is so nice - I love the oranges and the back is great!

  15. Lovely interpretation of the pattern- what lucky guests! Colours like a coastside rainbow

  16. Beautiful! Love the colors - I can see how it would be perfect in a beach house. I've been wanting to try this pattern ever since seeing it on Oh, Fransson!

  17. Your quilt looks great. It has come up so well with these colours and the design.
    Love your photos!!

  18. Love the colors and the design. The first photographs is wonderful. Looks like waves of color on the ocean.

  19. Ended up here from a comment of yours on crazy mom quilts. What a lovely quilt to discover upon clicking on your blog. Luscious colors! It gives me a new appreciation of orange too! Why aren't those fabrics in my stash? :)

    p.s. I love that you shared all the other things this quilt has given you. Time with your daughter? Go quilting!

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