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I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

oh me oh my


This is a good indication of a fine day.

This confirms it.

Ben dropped off Ella with me today, as  I am putting in the final push to get the Chatham house ready for 6 weeks of renters. Painting, cleaning, supervising handymen (who happen to be somewhat unhandy, but that is a different story...)

I was so happy to see my Little Little, as I call her, as I haven't seen my family for  a few days, and she seems to be missing me a bunch now.  Maybe it is the new teeth growing in that makes her want to be with her mama?

I had brought up the quilt that is now finished (and for sale!) and when the heat broke this evening, I grabbed it and said to Ella, "lets go to the beach!  Isn't it awesome to be somewhere where you can just say that and make it so?

To the beach we went.

We had a most excellent photo-shoot for the quilt, and for her, but I'm saving most of those pix for Etsy, and my 13th anniversary with aforementioned hubby.

But I'll tell you one thing:  now I know why the pattern is called "new wave".  I mean, just look at that...! 

I feel so blessed....


  1. Oh me Oh my Oh is right.
    Your quilts make me want to paint!
    Color Color Color pleeeeeze!


  2. Beautiful! I'm so jealous you're at the beach :)