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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i've been a baaad (good) girl...

I've been so weak lately.  These all came in the mail in one week.

And this doesn't even include pix of the delicious Kona solids from BlueberryBuckle.  Nor the gorgeous linens from fabric-store.com

I even fooled myself into thinking it was ok to order EVEN MORE when I saw that Kristen over at Sew Mama Sew! was giving away fat quarters, 1 for every $20 worth of fabric ordered.  I was just thrilled to let her pick for me... I thought that made it ok to feed my addiction.

Frightening, isn't it. I really think I have a problem.

So I've been hard at work to ease my guilt.  Produce, baby, produce.  And I'm trying to make a promise: no more fabric until I've listed at least two more things in my shop.

The majority of the new fabrics are going into this beauty using the New Wave pattern I purchased from Elizabeth over at Oh, Fransson!

                                         First there is the cutting.

That's a lot of fabric! (oy! look how badly my floor grid needs some upkeep.)
And thank goodness for chain-piecing.  I remember learning that trick eons ago...

Before and after ironing....

....and waiting to be joined together.  They'll have a long wait.  It's a big quilt.
Look how yummy. See, this is why I'm addicted!

I've also been whipping up some other goodies to keep the family and friends happy.  Kinda like throwing meat at the hungry wolves... only nicer.

My daughter and her friend discovered my stash of decor fabrics, and insisted on their very own purses. 

I love making these, and this was the first time I tried a strap.  Now I can make one for me!

The purse made Ella happy.  She "borrowed" my camera to show me how much.
(boy, I'm gonna be so sad when those teeth finally grow in. this is my idea of true beauty.)
I also made this sweet top, for me, from a book of Japanese patterns Meg made me buy directed my attention to.  No, neither of us know Japanese.  But boy have we had fun figuring it out.

(yup. that's me.)

I immediately felt guilty when the linen order came in, that I made another just like this for my friend, Sam, only in a beautiful cobalt blue.

 The need to work off my fabric orders continues, however, so I'm toiling away at this, which I'll show you when it's done.


So, have I made up for my weakness yet?

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  1. yes. 'cause of the smiles you gave me. Absolutely lovely!