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Saturday, June 5, 2010

homemade jelly roll

I am embracing both my Pledge to Process, and my participation in Amanda Jean's quilt-a-long.  I picked out my fabrics.  Oh, believe me, I was tempted to buy a fresh charm pack, or jelly roll, or whatever tempting tasty that we all know is out there.  But I held fast.  And I am very excited to work with all the new fabrics I've received this week.

So, today, while I was helping my 7-year old daughter learn how to quilt (!!) (post about THAT to come), I cut 2.5 inch strips from these lovely bits and made my own jelly roll.  (Amanda Jean is terrific about letting us know what fabric yardage we need, and how to prep.)

Oooh.  Is that pretty or what?  New life goal: making home-made jelly rolls....  Maybe a fabric store will hire me?..?
Now I just need a bit more Kona white for the backing and I will be ready to start quilting a-long on Monday!

Join us?!

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