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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Good, The Bad...

... and maybe it's ugly, but in a beautiful way.

It's the top of the New Wave quilt! Pattern by Elizabeth at Oh, Fransson!  It's a fun way to showcase fabrics, but I can see where I need some discipline in choosing a color scheme.

the Bad:  What up, cutting mat?  I think you're dying a slow, flaky death.  I keep finding blue specks all over my fabrics.
and all over my rotary cutter.  Hmmm... I smell a 40% coupon at joanns in my future...

The Good:  I'm a WINNER! 

So I'm  spending WAY too much time on line, stalking old and new quilt bloggers, and entering giveaways, because, well, that 's what we do, isn't it? And I get a comment on one of my posts (which is exciting enough!) that I've won a Giveaway! I ran to tell my husband, who I know doesn't really get it, but I was bursting with excitement!
The prize came in the mail today.  I was happy just with the beautiful stamps on the outside...

and the sweet tissue package and sticker! And Cindy at Sewing on the Edge wrote a very nice note even! I felt like it was my birthday, only better!

and look what was inside! One of her pincushions made from selvages of Tufted Tweets by my heroine, Laurie Wisbrun!  I've been a big fan of Laurie's Urban Circus line, and just this morning caved and bought up a bunch before she discontinues it.  I'm waiting for my local quilt shop to get Tufted Tweets in.... waiting...waiting...

 so cute. that's the back.

and there it is, in action!  I'm so excited to have a little something to remind me of how much I love my new quilty "community".

what tool or object do you use in your crafting that makes you happy?

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