(Ok, I'm not really a witch, but I probably would have been burned at the stake in 17th century Salem.
I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Brothers' quilts

I finally finished (most) of my brothers' quilts. One is entirely done. The other is awaiting a few spare hours (and not so frigid temps) in the studio to complete the back and put it all together. The one turned out great and I am really happy with the results.

I had lots of inspiration, mostly from Ashley over at Film in the Fridge. I love how it is so masculine, but still fun and cuddly. Sorry about the fold/crease lines. I realized I hadn't taken a photo until after I had packed it all up to send for Xmas! I couldn't let it go without documentation. Who knows when I'd see it again?

I can't wait to back and quilt the second, and send them both off. Well, I obviously can wait to send them off. I clearly don't want to part with them at all, I cannot tell a lie.

Happy New Christmas Birthday Year, my Bruders. I hope you like these first quilts from your Schwester. I promise they will be in the mail before spring....maybe...

Island Girl

I was the luckiest sister in the world earlier this month and was whisked away to Maho Bay on St. John (USVI). Suffice it to say I had never experienced island life that wasn't Hebridian or Cape Coddish. I'm a convert. I will be there next winter, I guarantee. and I will bring back more yum yums.

The camp where my sister and I stayed supports artists of all kinds. Glass, ceramic, batik, etc. As if it wasn't enough that I was soaking up the sun and the humidity and the warm sea, I was in crafter heaven as well! I fell in love with glass, and the art of making glass and the mesmerizing process of glass-blowing.

These guys, John and Pete, from New England (my homies!) were better than any TV. I watched them work for hours.

I also brought home lots of their artwork. Supporting fellow crafters, don't you know..

I know! Little glass rings on a leather cord! The coolest necklace ever...

The batik artist wasn't there, but a few scraps of her stuff was for sale in the shop, made from old sails. The colors were so St. John. I had to make something from them right away. So I dug out my tiny sewing kit from my luggage and set about adorning my new hat. It was ecstasy to be working with fabric While I Was On The Beach.

The colors don't show up so well in these photos, but they are so calm and cool and sea and sky-like, it makes me especially happy to put on my hat now that I'm back home in the cold mid-atlantic.

I had whipped up a couple of linen wraps for me and my sister before the trip, big rectangles of fabric, really, to use as sarongs or something to lie on on the beach, or whatever. We used them constantly. They hung to dry on branches, and looked like prayer flags marking our spot on the beach. I have further plans for them: I think I will decorate them with the left-over batik scraps I got. And then with the left-over leftovers, I want to piece a string of prayer flags. I couldn't get enough of the fabric/Maho Bay combo, obviously.

Ellen, my sister, made me take this shot. A wee scrap, returning whence it came...

Things I can't begin to express in words but must call attention to:

The colors of the caribbean bays.
The flowers.
The softness of the water.
The ease of breath. (Don't even ask me what I mean by this, it's just a real thing.)
The indistinction between outside and inside.
The sound of the gentle surf.
The entire cast of Finding Nemo only a snorkel and mask-length away.

Did I mention that I must go back there?