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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Odds and Ends

I'm embarrassed to have let almost an entire month go by without a single post. But we've been busy. and I have to remind myself, blogging about my hobby is not my job. Working, and mothering, and paying bills (etc) is my job. This is just a tether to my heart. Hmmm... maybe that's why my heart has felt floppy lately...

Anyway, here's what I've been up to.

Remember those scraps I had plans for? Inspired by CrazyMomQuilts Tickertape Quilt? Well, I made my own. (Thank you so much, Amandajean, it was such a fun quilt to make!) And the baby who I was making it for did me the great favor of being a week late (Welcome to this crazy world, Cora Simone!) and I finished it just as she was being born.

Maybe it looks tedious to you, but I found it so satisfying. I think part of every quilter is an OCD sufferer. This project goes straight to that itch.

And I continued to have fun with the backing. I totally heart Ikea fabric and sheets for quilting materials!
And after I washed it it got all nubbly and perfect for a wee baby's curious fingers.

I'm sorry to see this treasure go. But I know it is going somewhere very, very special.

Happy Birthday, Cora!

I also wanted to post about the flannel quilt I made last year. This is the first autumn season I've pulled it out since making it, and it totally warmed my heart. It took me a whole year to finally finish it, probably because I knew it was for me and me alone, so it always took a back burner to the other projects for babies born, auctions, and commissions.


I had so much fun with a new kind of free motion quilting, jaggedy instead of swirly. It's not perfect, but it goes with the pattern. I cannot tell you how snuggly this quilt is. I'm already making another flannel quilt for my son. It's a great "guy quilt" option. I think new quilts for my brothers are on the list...

I've also started working on the next baby quilt for the next baby, due in a couple of weeks. I fell in love with this other project of AmandaJean's, Happy Little Community,
which she found here
and I just couldn't help myself.
I've actually gotten a lot further along now, and will post more pics soon. It is really so sweet, and although I am a little nervous about the quilting, since so much white will highlight the quilting, I have faith in the loveliness of these little houses, and the ideas in Mindful Meandering, the free-motion quilting book that has been my bible lately. Link to that to come.

And last, but not least, I promised a pic of the top I made after I made dresses for my daughter and her friend. Here 'tis, and I look forward to wearing it again when I'm not rehearsing and sweating so much.

It's hanging off an old vine I helped clear out of the park that abuts our yard, another reason I love where I live.
it is so important to find peace in creativity, in sunlight, in nature, and in the everyday beauty right in front of us.

this is not new thinking.

just a gentle reminder.

blessings. peace. simplicity.

embrace it.

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  1. Awesome quilts, Sooz! How long did it take to sew each little patch onto the Ticker Tape one? The colors of the flannel make me swoon...

    Sorry to be cranky last night, there's a lot going on...

    xo Meg