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I am a big fan of midwifery, pirates, and eating a peck of dirt before you die.)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Scrap Pile...

...of Life.

I'm warning you right now this post is metaphorical.

So, here are a few scraps I'm working on during this one week of unemployment

1. Finishing Erin and Aaron's wedding quilt.

I should mention they got married over 15 months ago.

Prayer Flags offer Peace for a happy marriage.

You know the first cat to jump on a quilt means good luck?

Of course, Lucy Blue wears her own natural quilt.

2. I picked up some linen today at Joann's Fabrics (don't judge me). I am making a skirt. I'm working backwards: I've been inspired by the pattern first, then the fabrics. That's how the scraps of Life work sometimes. Intention first, then Impulse. Imagine that?

Yum Yum.

I would just drape them willy-nilly all over me and call it a day but I would embarrass my kids, I'm sure.

So that is one skirt, two quilts (still binding the auction quilt-god help me and let be over already) oh! and the quilt that inspired this post, and, well, so many other things...

3. My Inspiration today comes from Crazy Mom Quilts blog, her quilt called "ticker tape". I'm not blog-savvy enough to insert here a link to this quilt. (Meg is--link inserted!)


ok, I don't know what that will do, but that is the link to this quilt I. Will. Make. I've already started gathering the scraps.
There are two babies being born in my extended family this month. I may be sorry for embarking on such a labor intensive quilt for a baby that could be here today, but, remember, I am inspired.

By Scraps.

I've noticed that the scraps of Life can be just as beautiful as the scraps in my bin. Sometimes the scraps add up to something way beyond the sum of their parts, something unexpected, inspirational. Sometimes the scraps are just beautiful on their own, and may never add up to anything else than their own individual, teeny, tiny beauty. I need not elaborate here.

We shall see what these scraps of mine bring. Meanwhile, never overlook your own scraps. They may lead to something remarkable.

Then again, they may not. No worries.


  1. Judge? I totally heart JoAnn's! (and those great new linens...)

    What I wouldn't give for a week of unemployment right now, sigh.

  2. I used to save all of my little bitty scraps, then I started throwing them out because I felt like such a hoarder, now I clearly have a reason to start saving them again. Yay!